Meeting with Frances Nunziata

Report to St. Clair West Village Residents

Frances would like to have a “Town Hall” meeting with the residents of St. Clair Village, with various representatives from City of Toronto such as the Parks Dept., Streets Dept. etc.


We need to let the Parks Dept. personnel know that we want action concerning maintenance, picking up trash from the trash bin, installing a bin for recycling etc.

Frances mentioned that if we organized a committee of concerned residents who would act as park stewards ; perhaps 2 committees, one for each park, we could apply for a grant for plants and other help for a community garden in each park.

Frances in the meantime is looking into whether the Parks Dept. has officially taken over the land to the east of Maple Clair Park to Gunn’s Road and if so, what is planned for this space as it is not included in the original park plan.

RE: CLOSURE OF SYMES ROAD: Frances is going to look in the current status. RE: NEW YORK PORK:Frances will keep a eye on the situation to see if there is any attempt to start up again. Nothing can be done until the investigators determine what caused the fire as this will have an important bearing on the insurance claim.

RE: THE STATE OF ST. CLAIR AVE (between Gunns Rd and Runnymede): The repaving was supposed to take place last summer but there is some discussion of extending the St. Clair streetcar along St. Clair to Jane St.or Scarlett Rd.

As this will have a noise impact to the residents living on St. Clair we should see if they are for or against a streetcar line.Frances would like to see a bus service from the Gunns Rd.loop to Scarlett Road which would go under the new railway bridge at Scarlett Road to Dundas St

RE: BUNGE (the large vegetable oil processor on the north side of St. Clair at Weston Rd.: This plant is supposed to be closing in November of 2007. It is zoned commercial and currently there are agents looking for suitable tenants such as stores etc. While Big Box stores would be a great idea for the north part of the property, the land from the railway tracks to St. Clair would be better used for residential housing such as our development or the Tiffany Park development. The big box stores would provide a buffer between the industry on Glen Scarlett Road and the residential housing.

Benjamin Moore Factory Development: Although the City Council members have voted against changing the zoning from Commercial to Residential, the developers and still pushing ahead to get permission. Brian made a presentation to the Etobicoke York Community Council on Sept. 13/06 in which I tried to convince Council members to O.K. the development.

Seniors Supportive Housing at 2335-2337 St. Clair Ave West: I have sent a letter of support for this project as well. They are now trying to get funding for the project.

OTHER: Frances also indicated that there are other developments near to us which should help continue the revitalization of our area. They are still in the planning stages and when the plans are more formalized we will be informed and our input will be appreciated.


17 responses to “Meeting with Frances Nunziata

  1. Benjamin Moore Factory Development

    When is the next meeting on trying to get permisson to zone from Commercial to Residential ? Has there been any progress and what is the current status ?

  2. I can’t help but wonder how long an investigation needs to continue before a cause is determined for NYP’s fire. Although we’ve been told (by trusted sources) that legally NYP cannot rebuild, the anticipation of knowing what the final outcome will be is challenging. It’s time for a fresh start, and we eagerly look forward to something that will make St. Clair West Village an even better place to live than it is already. Patience, yes. We’ve been patient for 5+ years.

  3. Hi neighbours, I’ve received a packaged from the city concerning 6 Lloyd Ave. There is a meeting scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Feb. 23rd regarding the property in question. Have you heard anything about it? I’m using this medium because I can’t seem to be able to log on to the swra e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Last I heard from Francis is that it will be a while before we know the outcome of the investigation. But Francis assured us that she is against rebuilding the slaughter house…..I believe her views are shared by the city.

    As soon as we have concrete news to share we should hold a general meeting and bring everyone out.

  5. Very interesting new, particularly about Bunge. I’m curious as to where you got this information. Or is it top secret 🙂

  6. Anyone know why the Feb, 23. 2007 [ Benjamin Moore Rezoning Meeting] was adjourned.

  7. Hi A.R. Our councilor mentioned to us that the land that Bunge is on is now being marketed for developers to build retail space. We prefer to see residnetial on St. Clair and retail further north.

    M.B. No idea why the meeting was cancelled for rezoning the Benjamin Moore project. We supported the development in the last meeting. Bryan Milligan represented us very well. But the word is that the development may not be approved due to the threat of loosing jobs at the near by businesses such as the Bakery.

  8. It seems that there is another meeting scheduled for April 11, 2007 for a Prehearing Metting about the rezoning of the Benjamin Moore Lands. This is the package I got in the mail yesterday.

  9. I came across your web site, and while I don’t live in St. Clair Village (I’m in Carleton Village, which is east of Old Weston and south of St. Clair W) so I’m neither in your RA area and I’m in ward 17, but I read with great interest about the closure of the Bunge. Unfortunately I’m totally dismayed that yet more big box stores are being thought of as “great idea” How much creativity went into that? Why not encourage more pedestrian friendly street activity by having street fronting retail, and add some much needed parkland, along with some low rise affordable housing
    Big box stores, while being useful to a degree, do NOT build a community. The “planning” (and I use that term very loosely) that went into the Stockyards was very poor, almost an “well it’s better than the way it was” rather than a really thoughtful, long term approach. Here we are trying to work towards climate change control and what is produced…? A plot of land that has to be driven to. Even the supermarket and liquor store are set at the back of a parking lot as opposed to building them close to the sidewalk and putting the parking in the back.
    I really hope a bit more thought goes into what could be a wonderful opportunity for making a real neighbourhood and community.

  10. Elizabeth, thank you for your comments. The rest of the community is concerned about big box developments that will bring a lot more cars from other parts of the city to our choked up neighbourhood. I have forwarded your comments to Councillor Nunziata and I will post your feed back on the main page.
    Unfortunately, the land zoned as Industrial / retail can go ahead and develop without community feed back. However, we have proposed that the southern part of the the BUNGE land to be developed as housing if possible.

  11. Ashraf, something else that you and your neighbours might find of interest was an interview conducted by Andy Barrie this morning on CBC Radio’s “Metro Morning” with Reverend Louise Mahood and Cathy Cryer who are residents of Weston and Mount Dennis, which is only a stone’s throw from our communities.
    Cathy was a long time employee of Kodak which as you probably know closed up shop and although she is now out of a job, she and many other residents are against the idea of yet another big box development which apparently Nunziata (again!) is proposing. I sincerely question Nunziata’s judgement in the matter of urban planning, as well as question the relationship between councillor and developer because this type of idea seems to come up with too much frequency in ward 11.
    I’ve included links to the audio taping (Rebuilding a Community) of the interview as well as an article from the Star on the same topic.
    I feel very strongly opposed to yet another “anonymous” development that adds little to the immediate community.

  12. P.S. Ashraf, with regards to your comment, and I quote…
    “Unfortunately, the land zoned as Industrial / retail can go ahead and develop without community feed back.”
    We DO have say…we are supposed to live in a democracy, and our city councillors are there to listen and act as spokespeople. If they are not doing that, then they are not doing there job.
    You do not have to take anything lying down.
    Look to the residents of Lansdowne/College who are up in arms over the changes being proposed that they were not included in.

  13. Thanks Elizabeth. I assure you we are a very militant bunch when it comes to our quality of life. We have successfuly taken New York Pork to court twice for noise violations and that took 2 years of community coordination and legal work. We also have aggressivly pursued the city and high way authrities to close down a street that was a source of dangerous truck traffic through our community.
    The above two examples were the result of one or two individuals who felt so strongly about the issue and lead the effort with our support. But it really comes down to people acting on their concerns.
    My comment on zoning was more about sizing up the challenge ahead of us to insure that we understand the effort it will take to address the challenge. We are always consulted on new developments and have successfully rejected the ones that don’t fit with our community, like self service storage as an example.
    In the past many people voiced their concern on certain issues but were very quick to drop off the radar once the going gets tough (e.g two years of noise court hearings). So if you feel so strongly about this issue, then you are very welcome to lead the effort of lobbying the city to change the zoning for the BUNGE land and I can assure you that we will give you full support through our channels that we established with the city. Its a matter of bandwidth, priorities and how motivated you really are to address this issue.
    I have already contacted our councilor regarding your concern and we have raised this issue in the past. When we have a good understanding of the effort it will take us to deal with the zoning, I will publish a note. You are welcome to participate as you clearly feel very strongly about this matter.

  14. Ashraf,

    It wasn’t my intention to come across as undermining your group, just adding a voice of support, and I certainly don’t want to step on toes (not being an immediate resident or being in the same ward, but we are neighbours still) but I take the view we all share this city, and the larger the number of voices, hopefully the more likely that attention will be paid to what’s being said.
    As you will have already gathered, I’m very much an anti-big box store consumer (I refuse to shop at Walmart on principle), and a firm believer that smart, thoughtful urban planning will go such a long way to improving daily life in the city. Keep up the good work, and you can count me in for support.
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  15. Oh I didn’t take it that way at all, I was just trying to give some background about us. We are on the same page and I sincerely welcome your candid feed back.

    Please visit the site often for updates in any developments.

  16. I just wanted to send a general comment to thank you all for all your efforts in helping to watch for developments and to push city council towards the right kind of decisions for our area.

    Our area is really at a tipping point, in the sense that it could either continue to improve and become a very impressive part of Toronto, or could in a sense stall. Of course we all invested in this area because we saw the potential and had the patience and guts to stick it out.

    I know that people are critical of the big box stores, but I don’t think it’s as horrible as people are making it out to be. Definitely we should encourage more urban and pedestrian friendly developments, but if you look at the traffic coming in, an area that no one knew existed is becoming a normal destination, and people are very impressed with what they see. They have brought money and injected life into an area that needed a major boost.

    I am optimistic and think that there is a momentum building, that makes it increasingly harder for new developments not to be at a high standard.

    The big difference is the voice of the people, and the efforts of those in this community are definitely having an impact. St. Clair West Village has in a sense cause something of a shock to this area and has forcedpeople to listen and respect the area in a way I don’t think they did before. I really hope that this continues with the coming big developments, both at NYP and Bunge. The changes are inevitable (real estate in Toronto is in high demand), but it’s the quality and how it is done that will make all the difference.

    Frances Nunziata is genuinely impressed with our community, and I think sees the potential and wants help us down the road. So congratulations with all your work and know that people are very appreciative.

    PS – I do not live at home full time. This is my parents home in the area, and I am pushing them to get more involved. As soon as I am successful, you should be hearing a lot more from us! At the very least any meetings, I hope they will attend. Just know that your work and effort is not going unnoticed.

    Thank you

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