Good bye Purple Onion

I was shocked last Sunday to find out that the Purple Onion is no more.  I went for my week end brunch and it was closed.  I also noticed changes to the Benjamin Moore paint factory.  Looks like it was being prepared for construction work.  Anyone know what is going on?

I wonder if this is related to the Condominium development.  I got a letter about a meeting on April 11 to discuss the development.  I thought that the city was going to oppose it.

Does anyone have updates?  Please leave a comment if you do.


6 responses to “Good bye Purple Onion

  1. Unfortunate to hear about the Purple Onion. As for the Benjamin Moore place- they’re demolishing it (look at it from the side that faces the bingo hall).

  2. Purple onion – i think has moved to the Junction – the new location is on Dundas – between Pacific Ave (west of Keele) and High Park Avenue.

  3. Awesome news. Thank you for the update Ramandeep. I will check it out for sure.

  4. I think that condo development is goin to go through, they’ve got the signs up and everything, wouldn’t be surprise if they tear down the old Canadian Tire this spring. Its a shame, I loved how all those graffiti writers came together and did that huge mural on it. We need more character in this city, they alreayd ruined the stockyards area with giant American box stores, and a huge Wal-Mart up on Runnymede & St. Clair. It almost feels like I’m living in the suburbs.

  5. Does anyone have any update on the Benjamin Moore Paint Factory Land. There was a meeting scheduled today April 11, 2007. I could not attend but would like to know what the veridict was. Is the Condominium development going through or was it refused ?

  6. The Purple Onion has re-opened at 2998 Dundas St. W. North side of Dundas St. W. between High Park Ave. and Pacific Ave.

    They are now even bigger and better !!!.


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