Symes Road Transfer Station

The following comment was posted earlier……if anyone has an answer, please leave a comment.

I didn’t know where to post this, but do you know what’s going on with the former Symes Road Transfer Station. I’m a fan of the architecture, and it has an interesting past. But all the gutters have been removed. Was this the work of copper thieves, or are they planning to demolish it? It definitely looks abused. Does anyone know what happened?

If you suspect foul play then please report this to division 12.

Does anyone know the future of the  transfer station or of anyone of the industries north of us?


2 responses to “Symes Road Transfer Station

  1. I contacted our councillor’s office who referred to it as vandalism, though it was likely scrappers/scavengers looking for metal. Various properties in the Etobicoke-York area will be reviewed in an upcoming study (York Consolidation Study) including Symes. It will determine what will be kept, fixed, “moved around” and the issue of Heritage status will be looked at.

    These kinds of metal scavengers and illegal dumpers are not uncommon in this area, and one needs only to look at the Symes building to see how degrading it can be.

  2. Hey I like that building too. I also noticed that the gutters were gone, im not sure why someone would take them if it was just steel. I know that the property is surplus to the city.

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