Purple Onion now on Dundas

Thank you all for your feed back so far about purple Onion. I went this morning as a result of RC’s comment:

The Purple Onion has re-opened at 2998 Dundas St. W. North side of Dundas St. W. between High Park Ave. and Pacific Ave.

Thanks RC.

I walked this morning with my family and a neighbour. The new location was a little further to walk to, but with this kind of weather the longer walk was welcome. We walked next to the park down Runnymede and on the way back we came up Keele (yuck!). Same great food and fast service from the same staff.   I also loved the new restaurant and the extra space. I spoke to the management there and they said that the reason they left the old location was that the landlord raised the rent. They also mentioned that they are not affiliated with the newly opened Mr. Onion’s that opened up in the old location on Keele next to the car cleaning place.


One response to “Purple Onion now on Dundas

  1. Purple Onion has move to new location: 2998 Dundas Street, West, Toronto and Phone#:416 -760-8208. Business Hours:
    Monday Closed (Temporary)
    Tuesday – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9 am-10 pm
    Friday 9 am- 11 pm

    Purple onion has not relate with Mr. Onion’s.

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