Raccoon On My Roof….HELP!

I was nicely cooking a couple of lamb chops on my BBQ tonight when I was interrupted by a Raccoon climbing up my house.  I sprayed it with water, but it kept on climbing and then just looked back at me from the roof.

I live on Cannes Circle and this is the first time in five years that I see a Raccoon in this area.  I’ve seen a skunk who likes to use the park for nightly walks, but I never thought that there will be Raccoons any time soon as we don’t have big trees.  So I am assuming that since there are no suitable trees, that this fellow decided to move to my roof or attic.  Could also be a female looking to put her young somewhere…..Obviously I don’t know much about raccoons.

If anyone knows what the Raccoon situation is in our development or if you have any idea on what I should do, please leave your comments.

Here are some photos showing raccoon damage on roofs:





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