Feed Back re the BUNGE development to Councillor Nunziata

Dear Francis,

I received this comment from a visitor to our web site for SWRA regarding the development of the land owned by BUNGE on St. Clair and Gunns Road. The rest of the community feels the same way about making new developments more friendly for pedestrian traffic rather than increasing car traffic coming in from the rest of the city. Here is the comment we received:

I came across your web site, and while I don’t live in St. Clair Village (I’m in Carleton Village, which is east of Old Weston and south of St. Clair W) so I’m neither in your RA area and I’m in ward 17, but I read with great interest about the closure of the Bunge. Unfortunately I’m totally dismayed that yet more big box stores are being thought of as “great idea” How much creativity went into that? Why not encourage more pedestrian friendly street activity by having street fronting retail, and add some much needed parkland, along with some low rise affordable housing
Big box stores, while being useful to a degree, do NOT build a community. The “planning” (and I use that term very loosely) that went into the Stockyards was very poor, almost an “well it’s better than the way it was” rather than a really thoughtful, long term approach. Here we are trying to work towards climate change control and what is produced…? A plot of land that has to be driven to. Even the supermarket and liquor store are set at the back of a parking lot as opposed to building them close to the sidewalk and putting the parking in the back.
I really hope a bit more thought goes into what could be a wonderful opportunity for making a real neighbourhood and community.


11 responses to “Feed Back re the BUNGE development to Councillor Nunziata

  1. What is the progress with the Bunge Land ?

    Has there been any purchaser for the land and is Bunge still closing Nov. 2007 ?

    What is the plan for development ?


  2. T.L. I just spoke to the office of Councillor Nunziata. The development plans for BUNGE are on hold right now as there are no interested parties in developing the land.

  3. Any Updates ?

    Is Bunge still scheduled to close down this November 2007 ?

    Has there been any interested parties for the site?

  4. Hi T.L.

    I heard that the Bunge land got sold to a developer but not entirely sure what they will build there.

    Anyone know what the plans are for the land and
    what devleoper purchased the land.


  5. Hi T.L.

    I heard that the Bunge land got sold to a developer but not entirely sure what they will build there.

    Anyone know what the plans are for the land and
    what devleoper purchased the land.


  6. Francis Nunziata’s office informed me it was sold to the Trinity group. One of their development is Colossus Centre in Vanghan. Which is AWESOME!!!

    It would be nice if more services were available to community such as… hair dresser, doctor’s office/walk in clinic, dentist, veterinary, restaurants etc.. Maybe it’s worth expressing to Francis Nunziata’s office.

  7. Thank you for the update Helen and for all your previous suggestions. I will look into this further and post the news ASAP.

    Anything would be better than industry…but we also have to consider traffic issues when big box developers take over the land.

  8. See Trinity Development Plan


    Thanks Helen

  9. This site shows the plans from Trinity
    for the Bungee Lands.


  10. I look forward to reading the update. Should you speak to Francis Nunziata’s office, would you please find out if there’s an update on the New York Pork & Benjamin Moore project.

    One more thing regarding Trinity Group. The developer is also planning some new homes as part of the project.

    The Trinity Group project can increase traffic however the greater positives. 1) Employment!!! 2) Services available 3) Area is more desirable. Just to name a few.

    The beauty of this area is, it’s transitional and not established, so there’s so much potential. We are not limited in any way. That’s why the area is unique. It’s in the city but has a suburban feel to it. Big beautiful stores with new homes surrounding it.

    Plus if we look at nice neighborhoods ie Bloor West with local cafes & independent shops. The traffic is heavy. It still is Toronto there’s no escaping traffic! LOL!

    Anyways just some more food for thought.

    If you could also please answer my previous questions regarding the board, meetings etc…
    Also I read somewhere on this blog something about flyers or newsletters weren’t effective. When I first moved in I received newsletters and enjoyed reading them. I was disappointed when they stopped. Maybe it would be a nice idea to start them again…or maybe just put out the word about this blog. People are more computer savvy and can access the news when their schedules permit.

    If we go back to one of my suggestions of a neighbourhood directory. Perhaps also posting online would be useful and cost effectative.

  11. I’ve been following the developments of the Bunge plant (I live right across from it on the east side of Weston). After reading the latest comments I found a development proposal on the Trinity website, which may be of interest: http://www.trinity-group.com/?q=node/432

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