Breakins in our (SWRA) Community

For the second time in a year and half my garage was broken into.  Thankfully, the two break ins cost me just 3 bikes, but one was vintatge restored.  If anyone sees a ladies bronze/beige Hercules bike….call the police.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to see if any reader has stories about break ins in our community.  If you do, please click on comments below and share your story.


2 responses to “Breakins in our (SWRA) Community

  1. so sorry to hear for me, it was february of 2006 when my rav4 was stolen infront of my house at cannes circle and then, a couple of months ago, my van was broken into. as neigbours, we can help each other by watching our sorroundings.

  2. Our garage was also broken into recently, the sound system from my sons car was stolen.

    21 Tarragona Blvd

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