Benjamin Moore condos pass first approval

This is an update I received from Brian Milligan.  Brian has a put in a great deal of effort to photograph the area to make a case to the city of why a new development is so badly needed.

I’m pleased to let you know that the Etobicoke York Community Council has approved the new plans for the new condos. 

The next hurdle is getting the whole City of Toronto Council to approve the development as well. We very much need turnout from the affected Neighbours and Communities to let the Councilors know that this development is important to us.  Without their approval the funds that the developer will contribute under Section 37, to community projects (amounting to at least $572,500.00) will be lost as these funds will not be paid if approval is not given. 

There were 2 dissenting votes cast. Also, the City of Toronto planning department is still against the development.

The $572,500 that the developer offered the community, will help fund a water park at the Maple Clair park.


2 responses to “Benjamin Moore condos pass first approval

  1. That is Good News.

    When will the next meeting be held for the City of Toronto to approve the condo plan ?

  2. As soon as I receive written notification, I’ll post the date and place of the next city council for the Benjamin Moore condo development.

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