Skate park stopped in its tracks by community

When was the last time you saw a skateboarder in our neighbourhood?  That’s exactly why we all wondered about the proposed skate park for Maple Clair Park….Who is it for?

Late last week I was informed of a flyer inviting the community to a town hall meeting to discuss a proposal to use the maple Clair Park for a skate park.  After numerous calls and e-mails by the SWRA executives and other concerned neighbours, the proposed meeting was cancelled as the community opposed the idea and the town hall meeting would have been a big waste of our time.

I want to give special thanks to Sandra from Tarragona for bringing this matter to our attention.  As a result we took immediate action and cleared up the situation.  This is a great example of our community working well together and with Councilor Nunziata’s office staff who immediately took action in our favour.

I hope this sets a good example to encourage everyone to reach out to us with their concerns.  Community works and we have a great one here!


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