The vegetable oil processing plant has been purchased by Trininty Development Group.  Councillor Nunziata met with Trinity recently, and was informed that they plan to use the space for a retail development.  At this time, we do not know what type of outlets/stores will be located there, but they have told us that retail is their intention.  Please be aware that they have not submitted an application to the City yet, but have indicated what they are planning.  You may want to view their website at http://www.trinity-group.com/index.php?q=node/432.  Frances addressed the issue of the spur line and asked them to provide a letter, advising that they will no longer require use of the line.


4 responses to “BUNGE: SWRA Update

  1. Any ideas as to when the tenants in the Bungee Facility will leave ?

    Are there any rough dates as to when the existing stucture will be torn down ?


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  3. Has anyone heard anything about the Old Bengim Moore Land and the Condo plans ?

    Did the plan get approved ?

  4. Have there been any updates on the status of the Bungee Lands?

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