New York Pork: SWRA Update


Here is a note that we received from Councillor Nunziata’s office to keep us up to date of the very complex situation:

With respect to your question regarding the New York Pork Lands, please find attached a Motion that was passed by Councillor Nunziata earlier this year.  We have been informed that Staff will report back early in the new year on this matter.  In brief, the Motion asks that the Solicitor contact the provincial government to address the outstanding liens against this property.  As you may be aware, the lien prevents New York Pork from delivering clear title to their property to prospective buyers, and has created a “limbo” situation.  Our office has also contacted the office of Laura Albanese, MPP, and requested that they contact the appropriate provincial bodies to request that these matters be resolved as expeditiously as possible.
The problem at the New York Pork site has been compounded by the fire that occured in 2006.  There is a criminal investigation into this case, and arson is believed to have been the cause.  From a legal standpoint, we have additional problems, mostly due to insurance reasons.

3 responses to “New York Pork: SWRA Update

  1. It’s hard to believe that an investigation still isn’t complete after all this time.

  2. I agree!!! I’m an original resident and this New York Pork thing hasn’t been resolved. It’s only been 7 years. Would a community meeting help speed things up??? Imagine the frustration for the residents on Cannes Cirle.

  3. i’ve been living on cannes circle now for 6 years and let me tell you this : “I don’t dig on swine no more.”

    2 years in noise court to stop them delivering late nights and on weekends….then the fire and evacuation and house cleaning afterwards to get rid of the stench of burnt meat. It’s been a slice.

    But now, that at least I know they are gone, I’m happy to wait, becasue I know it will be better soon.

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