Symes Road Closure: SWRA Update

We are in the final stretch here (in city time that may mean another year).  But the good news is that the design for the closure is in its final stages.  Here is the update I received from Councilor Nunziata’s office:

Frances met with staff today, and were informed that the design phase of this project is nearing completion.  The plans will be available early in 2008 for viewing at the York Civic Centre, and possibly George Bell Arena.  Notices will be placed in 3 newspapers to alert the community.  Frances has indicated to staff that this is a priority item.


One response to “Symes Road Closure: SWRA Update

  1. Don’t get me wrong – I dislike the trucks travelling on Symes as much as the next person. With more development coming to the land surrounding this subdivision, I expect the difficulties in getting in and out by car to only become worse. Entering St Clair from Symes is hazardous.

    I’m an occasional driver (1 trip per week, transit otherwise) but usually it was to go north. This road closure will be inconvenient.

    Its unfortunate some means of restricting truck traffic while allowing smaller vehicles to pass couldn’t be arrived at. The wall extended above the road to prevent tall traffic?

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