Our website needs writers

Dear Neighbours,

As you can see, there have not been any updates on this site for a few months.  This is mainly because I do not have the time to stay on top of the updates and then write about them.

I’ve received complaints, so I am looking for help.  Please leave a comment on this post if you are interested to take on the community journalism responsibility.


7 responses to “Our website needs writers

  1. ready to write! First comments…..say NO to the trinity development in its current form. No more retail is needed in this area, unless it is service oriented such as barber shops, dry cleaners, etc….you need industries in the area, keep this land industrial!

  2. I noticed that the bungee has shutdown and there is a application submitted for the land, at least the sign is up. Does anyone have any updates on this ? When will they demolish the old sturcture that exists there now etc..

  3. whats nice? Another big box outlet featuring another big box hardware store? How will this outlet provide the services the community needs?

  4. The St Clair Gardens BIA will be holding its exciting Annual Corn Festival, Free Neighbourhood BBQ and Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, September 20, 2008 in the St Clair Gardens Parkette.

    We are looking for fun-loving, out-going, self-motivated, responsible and enthusiastic individuals who interested in donating their time to help us raise money for charity and make the St Clair Gardens community a great place to shop, live and work. There are various opportunities to help us out before the event & also on the date of the event. Please see below for more information.

    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the BIA office at

    (416)656-1200 ext. 420 or e-mail info@stclairgardens-bia.com.

  5. At least there is some movement. I spoke with the City and also was told that a Trinity has not yet provided a formal application to the City. I have already written to council to make it clear from the start that the development must be pedestrian friendly and bring useful amenities. What’s the point of having 5 different hardware stores?? How many times are we expected to fix our homes? haha.

    I get the sense Francis’ office is clearly getting the point. We just need to keep pushing, basically harass her to the point of pushing our position to developers.

    The Streetcar is coming. Pedestrian friendly makes sense. The values of pedestrian friendly areas always do well. People want to live where they can walk to the coffee shop, grocery stores, barber, and be proud of the look of their area.

  6. upsetinmountdennis

    Good Luck in getting Francis office to listen to you are really understand the issue.
    The only reason FN office is even responding is to make it look like they understand. Take a look at what happenned in mount dennis with the Kodak Lands, another site planned to be converted to big box retail. How many of these sites do we need? FN office will say one thing, but in the end FN office will side with the developers and hold out for her section 37 money….
    Look at how much mount dennis has changed and become a poorest of poor community in 20 years. FN has been in charge ever since the community went into the hold.
    Good Luck.
    ps, we need a new councillor.

  7. Hey there…happy to help getting the word spread. Please contact me at the email above.

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