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Holiday Train Coming to the Junction Today at 6:15PM

The train, 1,000 feet in length, will be arriving at the CP Rail Yard at 87 Ethel Avenue, just east of the George Bell Arena on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. adorned with hundreds of thousands of LCD lights.


Neighbourhood Event at the Park – Thursday, Sept 4 at 7PM

Division 12 Police invites everyone from our community to join them at the Maple Clair Park….the “big Park” on Gunns and Tarragona.  This is an annual event to meet your local police office reperesntatives and your neighbours.

Symes Road Closure – Construction Starts in September

I’ll wait to see it to believe, but according to a letter I received from Councilor Nunziata’s office, the city plans to complete the closure by October this year.

ST. Clair Gardens BIA Event – Sept 20th

St Clair Gardens BIA Seeks Vendors for its exciting Annual Corn Festival on Saturday, September 20, 2008, 12 noon-9pm.

We are looking for the following types of vendors:
• Arts and Craft
• Face painters
• Henna Artists
• Games Vendors
• Stuff Animals Vendors
• Portrait Artists and more

If you are interested in being a vendor, please contact the BIA office at
(416)656-1240 or e-mail
Interested vendors please contact us by August 5, 2008. Deadline for all vendors interested in participating in Festival: September August 5, 2008.

New York Pork Non-Update

The situation with New York Pork is status quo.  Based on a recent conversation I had with Councillor Nunziata’s office, the insurance investigation is on going but that the insurer will pay the property owner for damage.

The porblem is that the property has a mortgage, debts against the mortgage and partners and other lenders who don’t seem to get along anymore and can’t decide how to split up the money.  So eveything is in court limbo right now and because there is an outstanding legal matter, the city cannot move to clean up this eyesoar on Symes.

Our website needs writers

Dear Neighbours,

As you can see, there have not been any updates on this site for a few months.  This is mainly because I do not have the time to stay on top of the updates and then write about them.

I’ve received complaints, so I am looking for help.  Please leave a comment on this post if you are interested to take on the community journalism responsibility.

Stock Yards History: SWRA Holiday Special


Can you believe that the bottom left of the photo is the intersection of Symes Road and St. Clair? Yes, the above photo is a view from Symes facing East to Keele.

Sometimes with all the work we have to do to move our community ahead and deal with all the issues, we forget that we are a part of one of the most historical parts of Toronto. In fact, once upon a time, the Stockyards and the Junction were the city’s most bustling area and the center of Toronto’s nightlife. Here is a link to a great site that I discovered recently where you will find the entire story and lots of rare and historical photos of the land that each and everyone of you owns:

On behalf of the executive team at the St. Clair West Residents Associations, Happy Holidays.