SWRA Board

 GOALS of the SWRA 

  1. To make our community a clean and safe place to enjoy an urban life style
  2. To protect our investment in our homes by insuring that our community is an attractive place to live.

This is the planned strucutre for the SWRA Board. 

Executive Committee

  • Chair 
  • President 
  • Vice President 
  • Treasurer 
  • Secretary 
  • City of Toronto Liaison Director*
  • Community Inter-Action Directorock Captain Director

Block Captains


31 responses to “SWRA Board

  1. The Board also covers areas such as Cobalt Avenue/Ryding or is it just the new subdivisions?

  2. Hi A.R.
    The board only represents the new housing community west of keel and north of St. Clair. However, we like to meet other community leaders to discuss issues that affect us both.

  3. Hi A.R.

    We are not associated with St. Clair West Village (yet!!). The community we represent lies west of Keele and north of St. Clair

    • Are you still managing this website? I don’t see any recent updates. I’d like to participate in our association if I can since I live in the area. However, how do I contact other members?

  4. I didn’t know where to post this, but do you know what’s going on with the former Symes Road Transfer Station. I’m a fan of the architecture, and it has an interesting past. But all the gutters have been removed. Was this the work of copper thieves, or are they planning to demolish it? It definitely looks abused. Does anyone know what happened?

  5. Hi A.R, I moved your comment to the main page to see if we get an answer…good observation.

    Should you find the time and interest to participate in this web site, then I will be happy to give you access to post on the main page as an editor. The requirement is that you live in our development.

    Please let me know and thank you very much for your comments.

  6. I’d be happy to be an editor. I actually live very close to the development (on Cobalt Avenue). I guess that doesn’t count as in the development, but I do have family who live on Terragona Blvd…

  7. That’s great A.R. You’ll have to go to wordpress.com and set up an account, then I can set you up to write for this blog.

  8. Done!

  9. http://junctionist.wordpress.com/

    Just to confirm that this is A.R.

  10. I live in the Tribute community and I wanted to know more about your board. The typical stuff … when are your meetings, where are the meetings, who’s on the board, how is the board elected, who can attend the meetings etc…

    Also if I could make a suggestion it would be nice to start an annual block party at the park. Make it a BBQ. There’s lots of catering companies that can put something together for $10.00 – $15.00 a person. I think this would be nice for neighbors to meet one another in a fun evironment.

    Another suggestion is instead of having individual yard sales maybe we could utilize the park and turn it into a giant flea market. People would have their tables, set up their stuff, pricing it, only difference is it’s all held together.

    One last thing that would be nice as a community is to have a “volunteer day”. It could be to create a garden in our park. Clean up litter from our streets. Anyways you get the idea.

    • Hi Helen (me?)
      You must live in the area. I’m interested in meeting other members of the association and also participate if I can but I don’t know how to contact anyone. Have you heard anymore from our area?

  11. One more idea…why not create a directory book for the community. Make it interesting…a page of history of the stockyards, the bulider who took this project on, the birth of SWRA, a page listing the board & their contact info. Maybe a page for meeting schedules & annual events. Then you can always throw in residents businesses or services contacts. This would be a handy little booklet.

  12. Oooh I have another idea, (I’m a very creative person) on the same day all residents hold a bake sale. Kinda like “a taste of St.Clair West Village” or “The Sweetness of St. Clair”.

    The profits could go to our local schools, recreational centre, communitiy programs & hospital. Or help fund our gardens at the park or the Cannes Circle parklette.

    It would be nice for us to give back.

  13. Any word on new developments? Or the meeting, board etc… inquires?

  14. I’ve been checking the blog regularly to see if there’s any answers to my questions regarding the board, meetings etc… still nothing. Very Odd.

  15. Is there an actual board, meeting etc…? How long does it take to reply!

  16. I’m a reporter at the Toronto Star. I’d like to speak to someone who is quietly raising chickens in the backyard, under the city’s radar. Do you know of anyone? Thanks, Leslie Scrivener, 416- 869-4893.

  17. This is a great idea!!! Its important for our community to make decisions together, its our neighborhood.

    Just so you know I have started a new site for ST.CLAIR WEST VILLAGE – where we can all interact. Its a forum driven site: http://www.stclairwestvillage.org

    Keep me posted on the board meeting schdule.

  18. Hi Helen,
    Sorry for the late reply. SWRA is made up of volunteers and sometimes we don’t have time.

    I realy like your ideas and woul dbe very happy to discuss further. I hope you have time to carry out your ideas and implement them.

    I think a community meeting is way over due. I personally have no time to organize one, but we have had 3 in the past and I found them very useful.

  19. Anthony R. Rodrigues

    Why hasn’t this site updated since January 10, 2008? I use this site to keep informed about all that is happening in my area.

  20. Greetings I’m new here
    And it looks like a great forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):)
    And looking forward to participating.

  21. Hi,

    I am currently doing some research on the St. Clair West area, and I was wondering if there was a person and email that I could contact to submit my research proposal.

    Thank you,

  22. Any update on the NW corner of Keele & St. Clair across McDonalds?

  23. Hubert – what happened to your site it is so different and I’m having trouble with tne new site.

  24. Hello!

    I live in the area and was wondering if St Clair West Village Residents Association is active. If so, I would be interested in participating. If not, I’m interested in activating one. How do we start?

  25. To the web manager:

    Is it possible to publish the most recent posts first and the older posts after? That way people will see most recent postings first and can scroll down to the older post.


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